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Purchase & Refinance

If you are thinking of purchasing or refinancing a home in the U.S., we can help!


We can help finance any of the major asset classes including commercial, hospitality, industrial, multi-family, special-use and land.


Our loan products are flexible, and combines your mortgages into one loan, simplifying your mortgage payment.


The Bridge Loan’s most attractive aspect is speed – normally closed and funded in 2 weeks; perfect for clients with a short window.

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America Mortgages Inc. was created to address the need for comprehensive U.S. residential mortgages for U.S. citizens and Foreign Nationals living overseas. We offer over 150 U.S. bank and wholesale loan products directly to our international clients. In addition, we offer financing options for: commercial, portfolio, bridging and high-value real estate financing through specialty lenders in the U.S. and overseas. America Mortgages is wholly owned by Global Mortgage Group Pte. Ltd. (GMG), an International Mortgage Specialist based in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Manila and Seoul.
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The World’s Leading U.S. Mortgage Specialist

America Mortgages offers 150 U.S. bank programs direct to U.S. Expats and Foreign Nationals living overseas.

We pioneered offering U.S. mortgages to international borrowers 5 years ago and are now the global leader. We approve 97% of our Foreign National and U.S. Expat clients’ loans

For our Foreign National loan programs, borrowers living overseas do not need to have U.S. credit to apply for a U.S. mortgage. With our bank program offerings, our clients can provide an international credit report from their home country or country of residence.

The process takes around 45 days, and closing documents can be signed at a U.S. Embassy, RON (remote-notary) or power of attorney in the U.S. to sign on their behalf.

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